Data protection

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(1) The security and the privacy of customer data is a major concern to C-Date. Therefore C-Date commits to respecting all existing privacy regulations.

(2) Within the scope of the contractual service provision, C-Date collects, stores, processes and uses person-related data, such as age, gender, postcode, telephone number, the evaluated results of the questionnaire and pictures. Person-related data contains information about the personal and factual circumstances of specific customers. Furthermore, C-Date stores the personal user settings of its customers to make sure that with each new login-session they can come back to their individually created settings.

(3) The customer permits that C-Date uses his person-related data for the purpose of consulting, promotion, market research, investigation and analysis in order to improve its service offer in compliance with the customer's needs. In addition, the customer gives his explicit consent to receiving the C-Date E-Mail newsletter, which can be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to service@c-date.co.za. Moreover the customer gives assent that his data be published on other websites related to C-Date and its partners, on so-called Microsites (i.e. websites containing C-Date elements), mobile applications (UMTS or SMS) and in printed media (newspapers, magazines etc.), to amplify the circle of potential matches for the customer's profile. All data and pictures provided by the customer can be distributed for promotion purposes by C-Date and its partners over communication media like internet, E-Mail, radio, TV, press etc. in order to increase the customer's matching chances. The customer also agrees that C-Date may pass his personal profile data on to external service providers for the following purposes: a) Sending E-Mails and newsletters in the name and on behalf of C-Date; b) Transferring C-Date elements and customer profiles to other media; c) Effecting payments in the name and on behalf of C-Date. The customer consents that his access to C-Date is saved in a cookie if he logs in to C-Date via the page of an affiliate partner. These cookies carry no personal customer data but serve exclusively the maintenance of the affiliate partner programme. The cookies are deleted automatically if the customer registers for our service. Without registration they are normally deleted after 30 days.

(4) The customer agrees that the rights defined in figure (3) are also granted to affiliate partners of C-Date.

(5) C-Date will create user profiles anonymised through pseudonyms and transfer them for market research to other services providers the customer has made use of. Every customer has the right to veto the transfer of his anonymised data for the purpose of consulting, promotion and market research. To exert this veto right an E-Mail should be sent to service@c-date.co.za indicating your pseudonym and your full name.

(6) On demand, C-Date will provide the customer at any time, in full and at no charge, with information on his stored data.

(7) C-Date explicitly points out to its customers that according to the current state of the art, full data protection for information transfer in open webs like the internet cannot be guaranteed. The customer should take responsibility for the security of the data he actively transfers to the internet.

(8) By registering for our services the customer agrees to the use of his data as described in the preceding paragraphs.